School students / apprentices


Maximize your career entry!

Apprenticeship or dual study program, technical or business: If you want to take responsibility within larger and smaller projects after completing high school and strive to continue developing personally as well as in your job, you will get off to a good start at Mars.

What makes working here so unique? First of all our products, as you would expect; they appeal to people and pets around the world, and are part of everyday life such as our chewing gum, chocolate bars, pet food and much more. However, the secret to the success of these brands is our unique company culture. And this will also enhance your training.

You will learn from others. And others from you.

At Mars, you benefit from a learning environment where everyone helps one another. Each person is an individual with a different set of skills, and with knowledge and strengths in specific areas. Do you want to get more actively involved in a certain area or recognize where you still have development needs? Then talk to your mentor. Together you will find a solution for tailoring the training content to perfectly match your needs. With the right courses, seminars or through up-to-the-minute projects, you will soon be an expert in your area.

At Mars, you control projects. And your own success.

All jobs at Mars have one aspect in common. Time and again we look to find the best way of getting successful results, instead of working stolidly by the book. This means having freedom to test your ideas and to approach challenges that help you grow. From day one we will assign you projects that speed up your continuous learning process. And generate results you can be proud of.

You will be supported by the entire Mars Family.

Self-responsibility - yes! One man show - no way! You invest a great deal of commitment and motivation to make the best out of your training and eventually be one of the best in your competence area. We are fully behind you on this. Because success is a joint responsibility. If you prefer working in a team, like to share information with others and act in concert, then Mars is the right place, backing you all the way. At Mars, we are on a first-name basis, from apprentice to business manager. And our daily communication is as straightforward as our greetings. Whether you are in our open-plan office or at one of our numerous team events.

Your opinion counts

Imagine you have a great idea. For example, how we can modify our packaging equipment. Or you come up with new ways to approach our customers from analyzing marketing data. At Mars, your ideas will be heard. Soon you will become an expert yourself in many areas after having visited the different departments with open eyes, showing interest and because you want to understand the background.

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